Offering an abundance of beauty nature has to offer, South Pacific is filled with lush greenery, white sandy beaches and beautiful jewel-like settings that are perfect for your wedding. Across the region lies the world's most dramatically beautiful islands that offer a vast array of opportunities that can turn your dream wedding into reality!

Open your eyes and take in the beauty of the tropical landscape setting, amidst sprawling lawns and overlooking the glittering Pacific Ocean from our beachfront where special spots are plentiful.

Nothing is as special as saying 'I do' in front of a variety of beautiful backdrops of your choice; azure lagoons, white sand beaches, dramatic waterfalls or palm trees that sway to the music of the wind. Anything you can imagine in a rich natural setting. With South Pacific offering a vast array of opportunities, unique adventures and breathtaking sceneries, it creates a personal and long lasting experience you can carry with you for a lifetime.